In the order of “Mission Shakti” women’s protection, women’s respect, women’s self-reliance in the district, on 09.10.2022, today, on 09.10.2022, in the counseling center organized at the women’s station Robertsganj, the head of the police station, U.N. In relation to the dispute, they were resolved after listening to the problems of 04 couple husband and wife, due to which the husband and wife happily agreed to live together and went home.

Apart from this, in 03 other cases, the husband and wife were called for counseling giving a fixed date. During counseling, the couples who came to the counseling center were counseled by the women police station in the family related matters and the husband and wife were motivated to end the dispute and live together by making a reconciliation agreement, so that both the couples were happily together. He agreed to live in the city, on which he was greeted by the police for his future life.

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